Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is a procedure that removes fat from unwanted areas on your body and reinjected into areas that require a fuller and smoother texture. Fat is used to contour areas, such as the buttock, to create a rounded and more defined shape.

As the face ages, it loses volume particularly in areas like the cheeks, lips and around the eyes.

It is often quite useful to combine a liposuction procedure with volume restoration of the face by transferring the removed fat to areas where it is needed. The fat is injected using blunt needles so no facial scars are created during the procedure.

Dr Duong will remove excess fat from another part of the body, harvest it and inject the fat cells into the buttocks, face or where wanted. By placing them close to a blood supply, the harvested fat cells are more likely to survive and not be reabsorbed by the body.

As opposed to synthetic dermal fillers, the transferred fat stays permanently where it is place.

The procedure is very well suited to deep grooves or skin folds in the face and to the back of the hands, it can also be used to enlarge lips and buttocks. 

Fat transplantation uses your own fat therefore allergic reactions can be minimized. The treatment should be repeated one or two times during the first year for best results. The effect can last up to three years, though this will vary depending on the patient. There is a chance to get a permanent improvement by doing repeated treatments. 

The treatment requires minimal downtime to safely and instantly deliver the volume needed to achieve a smooth lift