Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

Changing the shape of your nose

The latest and effective way to improve the shape of your nose is to use fillers. The nose is the central feature on our face and a difference of a few millimetres can significantly alter your overall appearance.

The beauty of the injections with fillers is that you can see the difference almost immediately and the longevity of the product in this specific area can last for around one year, or more. 

We have a variety of fillers and we always chose the best for the specific demand.

Fillers may be especially suitable for nose irregularities and reshaping curves because of their plumping and volumizing effect.

The most common indication:

1) Altering the angle and shape of the tip of the nose

2) Straightening out lumps, bumps, and hook nose.

3) Contouring the shape to improve profile

4) To improve nose deviations and sidewall depression