Thread Lifts

Thread Lift


Often called "The Lunch Time Face Lift" this is a minimally invasive procedure designed to raise the brows and cheeks, neck, jowls, and soften lines around the mouth and nose. Thread lifts are extremely effective for reducing the early signs of aging, and they produce lasting, natural looking results.


Dr Duong uses next-generation dissolvable threads that last for nine to twelve months however the long term benefits can last for several years. The threads have small soft barb (cogs) that resemble a fishbone, when inserted just under the skin the cogs cling to the facials soft tissue, gently lifting the tissue and providing a new support scaffolding that lifts and holds the tissue in place. 


During a thread lift procedure Dr Duong uses a fine needle to loop fine threads beneath the skin. The threads are inserted in a transverse pattern, where they can be raised and adjusted in order to lift the skin to a more flattering position. Over a period of nine to twelve months the threads dissolve but because each individual thread is attached to the tissue of the face and over time, the threads become secure as the bodies own collagen begins to anchor them into place. As a thread lift only requires a tiny opening in the skin, there is little or no scarring

following the treatment, hospitalisation or down time. The end result is a subtle but noticeable improvement in facial contour.


The advantages of absorbable threads is that they will not impact on any future procedures, should you wish further thread lifts or other lifts in years to come.