Male Breast Reduction

Gynaecomastia (man boobs) is a hormonal imbalance testosterone and oestrogen which causes the over-delvelopment of glandular tissue and excess fat deposits. Obesity may also be a contributing factor or simply it's due to undesirable pectoral fat storage. Breast tissue in men tend to be more fibrous fat in this area is harder to remove and cannot be treated through diet or exercise. genetics also plays a role.


During male breast reduction surgery, doctor will remove excess fat with liposuction alone or via a combination approach involving liposuction and excision. The scar is hidden around the perimeter of the areola resulting in a long lasting natural result.


Quick facts:

Hospitalisation: overnight stay.

Anesthesia: gerneral anaesthetic.

Recovery: 1-2 weeks bruising, 6 weeks compression garment.

Medicare rebate: yes, item #315225 x2 (if bilateral). Privately insured out of pocket $5,800). No insurance $7,800.